It has been 10 years since we started the phenomenal history of KPop in the Philippines with none other than the Hallyu Kings, SUPER JUNIOR! Back then, all I can think about is how to make this fabulous fandom of E.L.F.s happy with a grand Super Show but
Ripples, since most of us are working from home now, I'm sure you also miss your friends/workmates who are also your KPOP-mutuals! Nakakamiss yung mga office chikahan about K-Idol 'no? Yung may actions pa when you tell your stories!
Did you guys know that aside from being an idol, NCT DREAM is also appointed as Ambassadors of the World Scout Foundation in 2019? This is such an inspiring fact we found out about them and so, in this video, my Happee Squad will tackle the song 'Fireflie
With every show that we make, it is the undying hopes and dreams of countless fans that motivate us to give the best that we can. And as we watch #NCTDREAMSHOWinMANILA unravel before our eyes, we felt this same fire that we will always carry as we move fo
I found out that NCT Dream is super playful and kulit just like my Happee Squad. Lalo tuloy ako na-excite to meet them again with all of you!