Dear Inang


Date Published: April 16, 2020

Dear Inang,

I started becoming a KPOP fan years ago. That was the time where I began to like songs from groups like Super Junior, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, SHINee and Girls’ Generation. And that’s where it all started, the start of my KPOP Journey as a Fangirl.

I really like buying albums of my favourite groups such as SNSD, Infinite, Teentop and Winner. Not just albums, but all the merchandise that I want to have. To be able to buy these merchandise, of course I need money. Money is every fangirl’s bestfriend. Since I am only a student, I am only relying on my ‘baon’ to buy all my idol’s products. That’s where I learned to save money. KPOP is the one that taught me to save money and to be ‘kuripot’. From then on, I started with bringing packed lunch to school so that I wouldn’t use my money for food. Everything was going great, I was able to buy my idols’ albums! However, my parents were definitely not pleased with where my money was going. They do know that I really like kpop a lot, but, they just don't get the thought of using all your money on your favorite group's merchandise. Since my parents were not pleased with all my KPOP expenses, I decided to make it a secret from them. I would buy albums with my friends and we would both claim it on LBC branches so that I could bring it home inside my bag without my parents noticing. I also made sure that all my albums are kept inside my closet so that they wouldn’t see them. Everything was going smoothly once again until one day, one merchandise that I ordered online was delivered to our house. I still remember that day very clearly. When I arrived at home from school, my father approached me. He asked me what is the box that arrived earlier that day. It was actually my Teentop Angel Box, Infinite Album and my Girls’ Generation limited edition photocards! I’ve been so excited waiting for them! However, my parents were furious. They told me that If they caught me buying merchandise again, then they would make deductions to my allowance. How horrible! What should I do, Inang? I just want to support my idols from the bottom of my heart but my parents just don’t understand. What should I do to make them understand our passion as kpop fangirls?

Thank you,



Dear Margaux,


First, I think you should try to understand your parents are just doing what they believe is best for you. Not unlike most parents, they clearly just want you to have a secure future and to spend money wisely.


It is no surprise that they do not value what you like. And you can be rest assured across the world fangirls and fanboys are experiencing the same conflicts with their parents.


While in my opinion if you are managing your allowance and you are eating well enough so that you are healthy, you should be commended for being able to put aside money for your hobbies (you aren't asking for extra money for casual fun expenses) and being able to nourish yourself properly.


But since this fund, your allowance, still comes from your parents they do have a right to "help" you decide how you should spend this fund.


So the eventual and best decision for the future and the future of your fangirling is to find part-time work as a student. This does not need to be a physical job at, for example, a fast food chain. I am sure with some diligence you can find a lot of online opportunities. For example, your English writing seems quite good, perhaps you can find "tutoring" opportunities with Korean exchange students that might need extra help with their English speaking and writing skills?


If you find a part time job and earn your own funds, I think your parents will find a new found respect and admiration for you AND they should give you the license to manage the money you earn.


Wishing you the best!

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