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Every DAY6: Dowoon

Date Published: November 18, 2019
[Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment]

Last but definitely not the least, DAY6’s maknae Dowoon takes the spotlight - the same way he always emerges on top when it comes to his groupmates!

Even off the stage, the band’s sweet maknae on top is just as cool as he looks like while he’s up and playing the drums. His awesome personality always makes everyone laugh with even his most random actions and remarks, making him another source of energy in the group.

My Days also know that Dowoon is practically blessed by the god of variety shows thanks to his undeniable presence. All of his groupmates also find him as the cutest among the group, and Jae has personally taken him under his wing as his top student in English - which has led to a lot of moments that My Days gush about.

Dowoon had been playing the drums since he was sixteen, and his passion for music had even encouraged him to step up and take vocal lessons - which had always made his groupmate Young  K really, really happy. Before joining the band as its last member, he had also been studying music in university and only auditioned for JYP Entertainment because his drum teacher told him that they were searching for a drummer for their new band. So far, he thinks that "I Smile" is the song which best showcases his talents, making it an even more all-time favourite track of fans.

He also became a drummer because he thought it would help him overcome his shyness and blushing habit - although up to now, he can still be caught with very red ears when he gets shy. It’s okay though, because My Days love him so much nonetheless.

As rarely as it happens, this shy little boy had also opened up his heart in a very touching way to My Days before on stage - by crying publicly for the very first time during their mini-concert back in June 2017. Sending both fans and his groupmates to shock, Dowoon burst into tears while trying to talk about how hard the other DAY6 members worked for their “Every DAY6” project. His groupmates then talked about how that moment proved to them that Dowoon’s love for them was the real deal.

What’s your favourite thing about DAY6’s Dowoon, My Days?

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