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Every DAY6: Wonpil

Date Published: November 14, 2019
[Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment]

Happy pill, sunshine, dear bunny, the light of every My Day’s life - those are all titles that belong to DAY6’s Wonpil, and he rightfully owns them all.

Besides making fans smile with his contributions in DAY6’s music as a lead vocalist, keyboardist, synthesizer, composer, and lyricist, Wonpil has made his mark as someone My Days can also rely on when it comes to finding a source of happiness. Thanks to his cheerfulness and kindness, loving Wonpil is honestly one of the easiest things to do in the universe.

Just ask My Days - who, despite it being an inside joke at times, know how much he means it when he goes on and on about how thankful he is towards everyone: his parents, the fans, and his groupmates during their concert talk portions. 

After all, this is also the same guy who gets sad when Sungjin doesn’t answer his questions… which include things like “are you a bear?” - as well as when Young K used to have to attend university at the same time as fulfilling his idol duties. 

This is also the same guy who really, really loves Dowoon because he really, really wanted to have a younger brother. Even Jae, who sometimes makes him the target of his savage jokes, has shown that it is “all love” when it comes to Wonpil.

We can also never forget about that cute story of how Wonpil first met Sungjin when they were both filling out their audition application forms and their first interaction being him handing their now-leader a pen - without knowing that they’ll end up debuting together in the same band.

It also never fails to warm My Days’ hearts every time they remember how his favourite childhood memory is as pure as cycling around the Han river with his friends for four hours.

These - and more - make us all soft about Wonpil. With him surely born to be a musician - seeing as, besides Young K, he has the most musical background in the group thanks to his parents who run a piano academy, we are more than glad that he is among the guys who serenade us now as part of DAY6. Who else would be the band’s king of aegyo if not him, right?

What’s your favourite thing about DAY6’s Wonpil, My Days?

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