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Every DAY6: Young K

Date Published: November 13, 2019
[Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment]

One taxi ride was all it took for him to give My Days the beautiful “Hurt Road” - so when we say master lyricist Young K, we really mean master lyricist Young K.

The DAY6 main rapper, lead vocalist, and bassist is definitely a multi-talented man, and there is no arguing about that. Not only is he a triple threat as an idol - with his capabilities in rapping, singing, and even dancing (yes, he is a really good dancer and almost debuted with Wonpil in a dance group) - but he has also made his name as a composer and lyricist not just for his band, but also for other groups like GOT7, UP10TION, and former labelmate Park Jimin.

With their hits like the aforementioned “Hurt Road”, “You Were Beautiful”, “I Smile”, “I Loved You”, and “DANCE DANCE” under his name, Brian (as most people actually call him - sorry, Young K) has accumulated over seventy songs credited to him under the Korea Music Copyright Association. His record is the highest among all DAY6 members - and we honestly don’t wonder why, especially as nearly every song that the band has released contained lyrics written by him.

In fact, even his groupmates have praised him for “turning the lyricless music that they create with a completely different vibe”.

Besides his assigned instrument in the band, he can also play the guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and violin. He can also produce the same sounds that trumpets make with just his mouth - amazing, right?

Other than being a genius when it comes to every field of music, Brian had also won the hearts of My Days with his passion and hard work. During the run of their year-long EveryDAY6 project in 2017, he was also attending Dongguk University to finish his business administration degree. He successfully graduated in August 2018, making every My Day extremely proud of him.

Adding to how smart this man actually is, Brian is actually fluent in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and French, among others. With his fluency in English, a lot of people are also amazed with his on-point Korean, but truthfully, he is known as a living dictionary when it comes to Korean.

In fact, Ahgases and My Days can both remember him as the translator of that one argument Mark, JB, and a few other fellow male idols had before - especially with the hilarious the way the GOT7 members narrated about that past event before.

Moreover, My Days love the never-ending love and encouragement that Brian has towards his groupmates - with his enthusiasm and joy over their maknae Dowoon taking vocal lessons taking the number one spot of the things about him that warms their heart.

What’s your favourite thing about DAY6’s Young K, My Days?

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