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The Songs That Make My Days Share A “Hurt Road” With DAY6

Date Published: December 01, 2019
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Every My Day would know that a good number of songs on DAY6’s discography can make you say “ouch” and have you feeling “not fine” at all - even with or without prior experiences in love, or heartbreak.

That’s probably one of the greatest reasons why the band had successfully achieved another completely sold-out show for their second visit to the Philippines last November 23 at the Araneta Coliseum for their GRAVITY World Tour. Although many are looking forward to the rocking, upbeat performances that Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon prepared for the night, everyone had braced themselves for a good dose of songs that will leave them feeling sentimental as ever.

With this, we reached out to Filipino My Days who were waiting for the sweet chaos their hearts would be put into for the night and asked: which DAY6 song would you relate to the most when it comes to matters of the heart?

Cindy Lamanero (@unqyll) and Joanie Gales (@iam_joei) agreed on the song “I Need Somebody” - a song they cite as an ode to the lonely people by the band. “It makes you feel that you’re not alone, even if the title is “I need somebody” or the lines go “Why am I alone?” they reasoned.

“I have depression. I still have my moments and that song really helped me a lot to really put things into perspective, especially the part where they say, I need to do something. Kasi your depression is not really a feeling or something, but you really need to do something to get over it or to fight it, so that’s where I felt really moved. That’s why I have a love-and-hate relationship with Young K who wrote it. Like, I hate you for writing that because I relate to it so much, but I love you because you know how I feel,” the girls also shared.

“Feel ko pag narinig ko yung “I Need Somebody”, iiyak ako. Titili at iiyak ako [I feel like, when I hear “I Need Somebody”, I will cry. I will scream and cry],” they added.

Cindy and Joanie also gave a quick glimpse at how and why they liked DAY6, whose sound is different from the mainstream K-Pop that the world knows, thanks to them being a band.

“I’m originally a JYP stan, so automatic – if you’re from JYP, I will stan you. I love how majority of them, even Dowoon, sings. Kasi yung ibang bands, only one to two vocalists lang – we have all vocalists. Also, they have different colours, but they make it work. They write a lot of good songs – walang bad songs ang DAY6. Naghanap talaga ako, pero wala. [I really looked (for bad songs from the band), but there’s none]. I only fell in love with the other songs more, but they’re all amazing,” they narrated.

Meanwhile, Grace Chay (@dysxnoona) talked about the heart-wrenching listening experience to the song “I Would” which got her completely hooked to the track.

“Kahit yung una pa lang, kahit di ko muna tingnan yung English lyrics nun, yung instrumental niya tapos yung boses nila - kung paano nila kinanta yun - sobrang malulungkot ka talaga and madadama mo yung nafeel nila bago nila isulat yung kanta. Then yung lyrics nun, sobrang about sa love din na parang... basta nakakalungkot. Better siyang pakinggan kapag nasa travel ka tuwing gabi tapos umuulan…. Sobrang nakaka-emo talaga [Right from the start, even if I didn’t look at the lyrics in English yet, the instrumental of the song and the boys’ voices - how they sang it - it really makes you sad and feel like you’re also feeling the same emotions that they did before writing the song. Its lyrics are also very much about love and it… just makes you feel sad. It’s better to listen to it when you’re travelling at night and it’s raining… it really makes you feel emotional],” she shared.

“Unang unang napakinggan ko kasi is yung “Congratulations” tapos nagwowork ako noon. Siyempre sa work, sobrang stressful tapos yung song na yun - yung beat niya masaya pero yung lyrics niya about breakup [The first song I heard from them was “Congratulations” and I was working then. Of course, work is very stressful and that song - it had an upbeat sound but its lyrics were about a breakup],” Grace also recounted. 

She also added that although she couldn’t relate back then because she wasn’t in a relationship, there was something so heart-wrenching about the song which made it so amazing to her - and add to that the fact that she found the song something she can listen to every day. “Hindi siya nakakasawa [It doesn’t make you feel sick/tired of hearing it],” she proudly said.

Lastly, Jei (@ongnielminhwans) emotionally shared that the song that hits closest to her heart is “Like A Flowing Wind” from the band’s latest album The Book Of Us: Entropy.

“The sound of it is already sad, but the lyrics make it even sadder. Kahit wala kang boyfriend or girlfriend [Even if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend],” she said.

“I honestly cried when I listened to the song, especially since it reminded me of that certain someone. Siguro kasi di ako makaget over dun sa fact na he already left me and kagaya nung iniimply ng song was parang that person is slowly fading away like a flowing wind [Maybe I couldn’t get over the fact that he already left me and just like what the song implies, it was like that person is slowly fading away like a flowing mind],” Jei confessed.

Noting that one of the things that caught her eye about DAY6 was that they reminded her of the sound of the Western bands she liked, including 5SOS, The Vamps, and Before You Exit, Jei added that the song she looked forward to hearing for the concert was “I Wait” - a wish she got fulfilled as the band rocked on to that song on stage.

Did DAY6 play the song you were most looking forward to hear during the GRAVITY Tour in Manila, PH My Days?

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Every My Day would know that a good number of songs on DAY6’s discography can make you say “ouch” and have you feeling “not fine” at all - even with or without prior experiences in love, or heartbreak.

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